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Lenica- Weltspartag (World's Savings Day) 1975 original poster


Jan Lenica was a Polish graphic designer and cartoonist. He was born in 1928 in Poznań, Poland. Lenica cited his father, the artist Alfred Lenica as the single most significant influence on his work. Both father and son shared a belief in Modern art as well as a reverence for Max Ernst, the French Surrealists and the Polish surrealists. A teenager when the Second World War ended, Lenica’s oeuvre also reflects the experience of death and the loss of identity. In the years immediately following the war, Lenica earned money drawing political cartoons that appeared in both Communist newspapers and cultural journals. His works are in museum collections and private collections around the world, including MoMA New York


The poster is 33 x 48 and is unbacked.
Also a smaller size available as 23 x 33.

We are the world.

We children, trees, and oceans are what make the planet earth what it is. In this German poster celebrating World Savings Day, a day to encourage the people of the world to consider the relevance of saving to their lives, we see the veins and arteries of the world connecting us all together in this celebration of globalization. After all, like in this poster, we are all against the universe.


Offset, Unbacked,  23 x 33 inches
Original vintage posters are rare and availability is subject to prior sale.