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Anonymous, Would You Let Him Down? Don't Talk Army, c.1942

Original WWII poster featuring the story of a secret mission led by Captain Ralph Royce, questioning whether the mission would have suceeded if loose lips shared the information about the info.

The poster text reads:

A few weeks ago Gen. Royce amazed the world by leading American bombers on a devastating mission from Australia to the Japanese-held Philippine Islands. The United States Government thought enough of this exploit to award Gen. Royce with the Distinguished Flying Cross. What do you think of it?  Would you let a loose tongue perhaps undo what Gen. Royce has done to the Axis effort? Obviously he would have failed had a loose tongue divulged General Royce's intent. Remember Royce Before You Speak. Don't Talk Army.

Offset, unbacked, 12 x 19 inches
Original vintage posters are rare and availability is subject to prior sale.

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