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Logan Square Monument - Matted And Framed

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Originally published in 1923, this reproduction of an original vintage poster by Oscar Rabe Hanson for the Chicago Elevated Rail Lines depicts the Logan Square Monument, a classical pillar topped by a majestic eagle. The monument is located in its namesake square, at the intersection of Kedzie, Milwaukee, and Logan Blvd., which at the time, was at the end of the Northwest branch of the Metropolitan Division.

At the center of Logan Square is the Illinois Centennial Monument built in 1918 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Illinois' statehood. The monument is a single 70-foot-tall column, topped by an eagle, in reference to the state flag and symbol of the state and the nation. 
Reliefs surrounding the base depict allegorical figures of Native Americans, explorers, Jesuit missionaries, farmers and laborers intended to represent Illinois contributions to the nation through transportation as a railroad crossroads for passengers and freight, education, commerce, grain and commodities, religion and exploration along with the "pioneering spirit" during the state's first century.

All Poster Plus Publications framed minis are custom framed in a black a wood frame and double matted with a tasteful antique white outer mat and a gold fillet.  Regularly an $89.00 value.  

Overall framed size 10.5" x 13" inches (4" x 8" image with approx 2 inches of mat space)
This image is also available as a 12" x 23" print and a 21"x 40" limited edition Giclee Print.