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Poster Plus Postcard Set

One of each of 18 different postcards depicting vintage and railroad posters from the 1920's and 1930's. These are high quality reproductions of posters from the Poster Plus collection.


•Bundle of eighteen
•High quality gloss finish
•Each card measures 4 1/4" by 6 inches
Included in this set are the following styles:

1.  Chicago the Vacation City I - Illinois Central Line, ca. 1935 by Paul Proehl

2.  Chicago the Vacation City II - Illinois Central Line, ca. 1932 by Paul Proehl

3.  Chicago for the Tourist  - Illinois Central Line, ca. 1935 by Paul Proehl

4.  Chicago Transit Authority - adaptation of 1926 Chicago Rapid Transit Co. poster by Arthur A. Johnson

5.  World's Fair Chicago (Spirit of Chicago), ca.1933 by Glen C. Sheffer

6.  World's Fair Chicago - Santa Fe, 1934 by Hernando Villa

7.  World's Fair Chicago - Canadian Pacific, 1933 by Norman Fraser

8.  Chicago - New York Central Lines, ca. 1930 by Leslie Ragan

9.  The New 20th Century Limited - New York Central System, 1938 by Leslie Ragan Sorry, temporarily out of stock. Another card will be substituted.

10. The Dunes Beaches - South Shore Line, 1925 by Hazel Urgelles

11. Football Notre Dame - South Shore Line, ca. 1932 by Otto Brenneman

12. Moonlight in Duneland - South Shore Line, ca. 1927 by Leslie Ragan

13. Spring in the Dunes - South Shore Line, ca. 1928 by Raymond Huelster

14. Autumn in the Dunes - South Shore Line, ca. 1928 by Ivan Beard

15. Evanston Lighthouse by the Elevated Lines, ca.1923 by Irvine Metzl

16. Service - The North Shore Line to Milwaukee, 1924 by Oscar Rabe Hanson

17. Chicago,  ca. 1930 Swedish film poster by anonymous artist

18. New York Central Building,  ca. 1933 by Chesley Bonestell