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Segner, Little Miss Sunbeam - Happy Thanksgiving ( Cornucopia ), c. 1955

A charming 1950s window display advertisement for Little Miss Sunbeam bread, designed for the Thanksgiving holiday. This uniquely shaped poster features an image of the Little Miss in pilgrim garb inside a cornucopia with a pumpkin, apples and corn.


Ellen Barbara Segner was best known for designing the popular and beloved figures of Dick & Jane and Little Miss Sunbeam. In 1942, Segner was commissioned by Quality Bakers Association to create the famous image of the blue eyed, golden haired little girl still used today on packages of Sunbeam bread.

This beautiful poster was originally purchased from the estate of Ellen Segner.

Offset, Unbacked, 20 x 12 inches 
Original vintage posters are rare and availability is subject to prior sale.

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