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Unknown, Schaede Waschmaschine, Elektra - Rotation, c. 1929

This beautifully lithographed original poster shows the trademark character of the Max Schaede washing machine company, the rosy-cheeked woman in a traditional German costume, sledding down a snow-covered mountain with pine trees in the background. The banner at the bottom of this poster shows two of the latest models of washing machines. These washing machines were produced in the early twentieth century in factories in Radebeul - Dresden, Germany.


"Schaede Waschmaschine.  Elektra - Rotation" a circa 1910 original German poster advertising the latest inovation in washing machines from the Maz Schaede Waschmaschinefabrik.
Lower portion of this poster is a banner that was printed separately from the upper portion.
Printed text on poster reads:  
"Weiss wie Schnee wascht
Schaede Waschmaschine
Elektra Rotation".
Translates to: 
"Washes white as snow.
Schaede Washer
Elektra rotation"

Lithograph, 17.5 X 30 inches

This poster is conservation backed on acid-free paper and canvas.
Original vintage posters are rare and availability is subject to prior sale.

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